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Publisher-Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd
Publication Year-2012

Travails Of Entrapment – Author Himadri Roy
Book Review -Posted by Author Himani Vashishta

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“One of the most challenging books in contemporary Indian literature, touching such a sensitive topic requires a lot of dare. Unlike other love stories which are in vogue this book creates tumult in our mind forcing us to rethink.”

Being a voracious reader I keep on browsing for interesting reads. Luckily I found Travails of Entrapment, a different read, one of rarest books in Indian writing history. Reading this book gave me the feel that author has put all his emotions in this book. This book depicts homosexuality and based on gay relationships but there is no hint of vulgarity, cheapness and obscene in the book. This book attracts Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code so being a lawyer I found it in my interest list. Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code constitutes unnatural sex as an offence but in fact 377 IPC itself does not identify homosexuals as being its subject.

Homosexuality is generally considered a social vice and truly speaking I was also the part of one of them who sneered on the idea of homosexual relationships. But the sensitive way Himadri Roy has presented these relationships and depicted the reason behind has really worked as an eye opener for me. After reading this book I can definitely say that this book has enhanced my understanding of social anomalies.

Travails of Entrapment, is based on the life of the protagonist of the book Rohan De. In his quest of life, Rohan faces serious tumults which break him mentally. Through the character of Rohan De Author has depicted the problems and frustrations one has to bear in our society for being a homosexual.

 Initial plot of book set up in Nainital and then moves to Delhi and a small portion is set in Dehradun. Rohan De who is a nice guy and a brilliant student, is the only child of Swapon De and Gonika De, who are highly reputed professors are very busy with their careers, ignoring their only child. It’s his care taker  Meena, who is a very religious lady, takes care of him throughout his life. She plays greatest role in his character building.

After completing his school education from Sherwood College, Nainital, Rohan reaches Delhi for his higher education B.A in English Honours from Delhi University despite his parent's resistance. In Delhi, on the very first day of college itself, Rohan comes across Paras and Monisha and a lifetime friendship flourishes between them. With passage of time Rohan falls in love with his male friend Paras, which is one of the biggest turning points of the story.

Rohan’s life journey gives us the understanding of the reasons of gay relations inclination in our society.

The way emotions, pain, patience, courage agony has been depicted in this book are really very commendable. Language of book is simple and gullible but it could have been done better with some more editing and grammar improvements and at some points this book becomes boring with long narratives.

A sensibly written book, narrating a subtle love story, loaded with lots of emotion, exploring new horizons of our conservative society….. 
    Kudos to Himadri 

 -  Himani