Interview With Best-Selling Author Rajeev Ranjan

Rajeev Ranjan graduated in Physics from University of Delhi in year 1996. Rajeev has already written the bestselling novel "A splash of Love; A kiss of infatuation', published by Diamond Books.

Here are some excerpts from an interview Author Rajeev Ranjan gave to Himani Vashishta.

Congratulations on becoming the best- selling author of the book ‘A SPLASH OF LOVE A KISS OF INFATUATION’. How excited are you after becoming the best-selling author with your first novel?
Very excited. When I wrote this novel I had my apprehension about how people will like it. It is slightly off beat story against the current trend of books in market. But I am happy that people liked it and responded to it.

Tell us about yourself? 
I am a serving Government officer for last 15 years. Writing came to me as a skill bestowed by God, though I was very late to realize it. I believe in good positive living and thoughts. Reading books, playing games and spending time with kids and friends fascinate me.
What is the best thing about being a published author?
The best thing about being  a published author is probably that you don’t have to keep knocking at door with your work. That in itself is a big relief. But after being published you wish that your work is appreciated, liked and above all is able to change something in its readers.
Tell something about your second book ‘LOVE@INTERNET’?
Love@internet is based on a simple plot. It has internet as background that acts as a catalyst for generating love in hearts placed separately on globe. Though it sounds like a chicklit but it tries to dwell upon some serious issues as well. The need of family, its support, need of communication and above all the purity of love.

Did you have a target readership in mind while writing this book?
Although the name suggests this book to be youth oriented but it shall be liked by all the people. Moreover I firmly believe that an author cannot have a target audience in mind when he or she scribbles emotions.

Who are your favourite authors? What kind of books you read?
Chetan Bhagat, Khalid Hossini.  I tend to read all kind of books but in particular, biographies and romantic novels excite me more.

How do you rate your experience with your publisher?
My publishers have been good to me and I am thankful to them for imposing faith in my work.

What is your future plan? What’s next?
I am working on my new novel that covers aspects of human relations and their purity with infidelity as background.

Any message for Himani Vashishta’s Diary readers...
I wish them all the best. Keep reading and keep smiling for there is nothing as entertaining as reading a good book.
Thank you Rajeev Ji for your time. Wish you all the best for your future works.

Himani Vashishta