A Birthday Poem

A Birthday Poem dedicated to my Sister-in-law (bhabhi)

 Dr.Poonam Sharma. This poem I had wrote exclusively for

 her on her Birthday!

Happy Birthday

-by Himani Vashishta

Wish you a very Happy Birthday!

O! Sweetest Sister-in-law of mine.

I wish everything happen in your life, exceptionally fine. 

I wish you always keep on shine,

If I would have been there, together we would have celebrated and dine.

(Poonam bhabhi), you are the jewel of family of mine.

You are such a sweet lady with a loving heart,

I like you and love you so much, from the start.

You are my best friend with whom I can share my all the feelings,

No matter in what context I am dealing.

People says that angels dwell above,

My family says angel is with us, with love.

To have you, to know you, we feel blessed.

The role you plays are many, wife, daughter, mother, sister and friend,

For me you are more than a sister-in-law
Our relationship is so perfect that there is no flaw.

When you are with family, everyone feels full of life,

Otherwise sometimes we create strife.

I love spending time with you,

This privilege you know I give only to a few.

The motherly love you gave to me, makes me always miss your sight,

You are also a guide to me, to tell me what is wrong and what is right.

I promise to always be there for you all the time,

Whether you passing through your bad time or good time.

Like this in my heart you will always stay.

Nothing in this world can keep us away.

May God fill your life with laughs and smile,

You meet success every mile and mile.

O! My dear,

Again wish you a very Happy Birthday with plenty of Cheer! :-)

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