I am not yours !!

I am not yours !!

“You have a beautiful spirit, still I m not yours.

Your love for me is eternal and complete, still I am not yours.

Oh! You plunge me deep in love, still I m not yours.

Wana Swept by the tempest of your love, still I m not yours

Sometimes longs to Lost as a light is lost in light, still I m not yours.

I close my eyes and shed those tears who compels to love u, coz I my not yours.

As I realize,

That though distance between us,

Kept us apart but only in body,

And never in heart, still I m not yours.

Time has come where I have to lay my joy, love and my need of you in the interest

of my own people.

Call of duty demands I can’t be yours.”

- Himani Vashishta

(From the Novel "Princess Of Falcons")

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