In Conversation With Author Shubham Choudhary!

Shubham Choudhary is a Final year student of MNIT Jaipur, pursuing a B.Tech degree in Electronics and Communication. Being an active blogger, he has written over a hundred articles, stories and poems. His works mainly include humour based on daily life.
Besides writing, he likes travelling and reading biographies and fiction. He also has a deep interest in music and has taken training in the field of Radio Jockeying as well.
My EX Fell In Love is his debut novel. He has also published a short story in an anthology by Grapevine India Publishers. He is actively involved in the start-up TalEx India with his own online retail store He has written for many websites, noticeable among them being,,, News That Matters Not and  He has also been awarded the blogger of the month award by YouthInc.

To know more about him, you can follow his blog www.ABugInMyMind.Wordpress.Com. Or you can email him on
He is also on Facebook, . And Twitter,

Q: Congratulations on the release of your debut novel “My EX Fell In Love!” What kind of initial response you are receiving?
A: Thanks a lot. The response is great, better than what I expected. The book went out of stock twice from many online stores. And I am sure it will only improve once the book comes to bookstores.

Q: Tell us about yourself? 
A: I am a person who has too much to tell. No matter what, I’ll somehow find something to talk about. I love being messy, lazy and love being late at parties! I always give first preference to friends and family and although work comes after that, it still takes up most of my time. And did I tell you I am funny?

Q: How tough the publishing industry is for new comers? Is it tough? Are you rejected by some publishers?
A: It’s not tough for people who have patience and some idea of networking. If you have any good contacts, works fine in our country. For people like me, who lack both, if you’re not looking forward to be the next Amish Tripathi, it’s not tough either. The problem is with the third kind who target big but lack the resources. It can be one hell of a test of your patience in that case.
I was also rejected by a few. A few didn’t even care enough to reply to me. But one acceptance was enough for me to ignore the emails that came after that.

Q: What is the best thing about being a published author?
A: People would expect me to say The fame, the feeling of signing books or maybe having your own fanpages! But frankly, I am still waiting for feeling as good as I felt the day I saw my first copy and my name on the cover. So I’d say the best thing is seeing your work converted into those 200 pages. No one who wrote for his passion would aspire for a thousand fan mails or becoming a bestseller.

Q: Tell us something about your book?
A: My EX Fell In Love, is a story of every guy who has ever been in a confused state. It describes the life of three friends pursuing engineering, the fun they have and the problems they face. It is a humorous story of a guy “Yatharth” who breaks up with a girl to concentrate in his research work, just to find out that she is now in a relationship with someone else. The story revolves around his research work and the funny things that happen in the course.

Q: How much of Yatharth is Shubham?
A: My friends can answer this better. Everyone imagines the writer in the protagonist; this is something I knew, so I tried making ‘Yatharth’ as different as I could. But still, his confusion about relationships, his love for science, his supercool parents and his dedication towards friends is something we have in common.

Q: Is your novel based on a real story? Can you please throw light on it.
A: No. It’s not at all a real story. The back cover says ‘fiction’ and that’s 100% true. Although some instances at some points might be inspired by things happening around me. But in no way possible this is my story. Neither is any character a replica of me or any friend of mine.

Q: You run a company, you’re pursuing B.Techin Electronics and Communication,trained in the field of Radio Jockeying, an active blogger andhave written over a hundred articles, stories, poemsand your first novel is just published. When writing became part of your life? How do you manage to write from your busy schedule?
A: It does sound a lot when you say it like that! But it isn’t. I’ve always been a writer, it just kept getting bigger and I hope it continues. I write when I want, it’s never scheduled. And I believe that if you really feel like doing something, you will find time for it. Although it doesn’t hold true for my personal life where I keep delaying things.:P

Q: Who are your favourite authors? What kind of books you read?
A: I read light fiction, biographies, mystery and what not. I can read Cecelia Ahern, Sidney Sheldon and Abdul Kalam anytime.

Q: Tell us your thought behind this particular book?
A: My thought… well… read this when you’ve a few free hours when you don’t want to stress your mind and have a laugh. I didn’t have to think much before writing this, so I kind of want the readers to do the same.

Q: This is your first novel. What is your expectation with the book and are you ready for facing critical review of your book?
A: Expectations aren’t much. All I wanted was to show the world that I write, and that’s done. So nothing’s left now. A bestseller tag won’t be a harm I guess. And critical reviews… I’ve been fond of them for like ever. I’ve been a blogger for a long time and it’s like a part and parcel of life now. As long as the reviews tell me where I can improve and what I lack, I am happy about them.

Q: How excited are you after all it is your first novel?
A: Too much. Every time I get a review, every time I receive a mail or a wall post, I feel ecstatic. And the feeling when you write a personal message for someone on that first page of the book, believe me, the writer feels happier than the reader while doing so.

Q. You said My Ex Fell in Love is a work of fiction but is the girl Sanchita the same you portray one for yourself? And is there some “Sanchita” also in your life too?
A: I have never portrayed any Sanchita for myself. Or Samantha or Pratishtha for that matter. The previous answer makes it obvious that I don’t have a Sanchita in my life right now. Although, if I had to think of one, the ‘Sanchita’ in my life would be quite similar to ‘Sanchita’ in the novel. Except that I won’t be the Yatharth she saw in first 5-6 chapters!

Q. What is “Love” in your opinion?
A: “Love” is to feel for someone without any expectation of getting it back. Although, I’d not recommend falling deep into it.
These days, “Love” is an overrated feeling of attraction towards someone when your peer pressure overcomes the love given to you by people around you. That’s what people do.

Q. How much your life has changed after the book?
A: A lot. Being judged for everything you say, blamed for being busy even when you’re not, teased for being a ‘celeb’ and being asked repeatedly for a ‘free copy’ is a part and parcel of life now. At the same time, I enjoy that little extra attention I get for being a writer. Even the life on Facebook is absolutely different now. In terms of both likes and blocks, if you know what I mean.
Q: Who was the first to read your book? What was the first reaction?
A: That’s something people would want to know. It was my elder sister, Shilpi. And unlike all other readers of mine till now, she told me that it was an ‘okay’ book. And I could totally believe it since she is an avid reader and her taste includes Sidney Sheldon and writers from that category. So for me, getting a 3 star rating and an ‘okay’ was more than enough. In fact better, because if she had given me 5 stars, I’d have thought she was being biased.

Q: How do you rate your experience with your publisher?
A: Average. Could have been better, surely could have been worse. I don’t complain since no debut authors in our country get the proper environment they deserve. But I am very much thankful to destiny for giving me a chance to get published with Leadstart which is by far the most professional publishing house I’ve come across. The cover is wonderful all thanks to them, and you can see how awesome it turned out to be.

Q: Future literary plans?
A: I’ve started working on my second novel. And it’s driving me crazy. I’ll always be a blogger and I am sure ABugInMyMind will keep driving the readers crazy.

Q: Any message for HimaniVashishta’s Diary readers...
A: Stay happy and enjoy life. Keep reading. A book just costs as much as a coffee these days, and you’ll never get to live a whole different world for a few hours in a cappuccino.

Rapid Fire Questions(No thinking, spill what comes first)
  1. If you get a chance to date who would you choose, Megan Fox or Scarlett Johnson?
    Scarlett Johansson.
  2. On Valentine’s day, Die Hard-5 or Girlfriend?
    Die-Hard-5. Although I wouldn’t mind if it’s with a girl!
  3. Which is worse, you accidently in Ladies’ room or a lady in gents’ room?
    How is me in ladies’ room bad?
  4. Tagline for a new men’s innerwear brand?
    Even superman has switched to this one!
  5. Body, eyes, lips or hair. Which one you feel attracts you the most in a girl?
    All this is superficial. Having said that, I believe it’s the eyes. Unless it’s Angelina jolie!

Thank you Shubham for your time. Wish you all the best for your future works.

Author Himani Vashishta


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