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Princess of Falcons: A SYNOPSIS

By: Himani Vashishta

This is the foundation book that sets the stage for the two potential series and introduces the major characters. The concept is that somewhere in North America live a few obscure tribes in a cold mountainous region called Bangolarrea. These tribes have evolved from an age old tribe ‘Panahasi’. These tribal people worship Lord ‘Camarin’. The newly evolved tribes also worship their respective animals from which they have derived their names and powers like, 'Falcons’, 'Nagas’, 'Wolfs’, etc. The Naga tribe is the strongest but cruel one; practising black magic. The rivalry among 'Nagas’ and 'Falcons’ leads to the Battle of Bangollarea.
The heroine is Silviya, a 20-year-old girl of present society, living in a royal ‘Haveli’ in Rajasthan, a majestic State of India, reared under strict supervision of her only living kin that is her grandmother Trisha. Her other family members had died in an accident a long time ago, and in fact it was so long that she couldn't remember them. All she knew about her family is that her grandma Trisha was an anthropologist, who studied in North America and got married there. Trisha brought her up as a fragile girl under strict discipline but Silviya is physically strong and has a great interest in risky sports like archery, horse riding etc., Trisha feels the weight of protecting her grand-daughter to her best in the absence of any other member in their family. Silviya’s relationship with her grandma is not so cool even though she has a great love and respect for her.
Silviya a tall and slim girl with foreign looks yet extremely beautiful, brave by nature yet used to get terrified in her dreams. The sequel of dreams which always transports her in a foreign land among foreign people, surrounded by snowy peaks of mountains, continuously tortured her since the day she got her senses.
Although Silviya remains away from guys and love affairs yet she shares a relation of friendship with Veer, a guy of her age, whose family has been serving Trisha’s royal Rajput family since generations. A great chemistry exists between the two friends due to the fact that they share the same interests. It is Veer who gets most delighted when she won a trophy in marstial arts at State level. Calling Silviya a Tom boy, Veer never misses the opportunity to crack a joke on her, which she too enjoys. She too never misses the chance to pull his leg.
After completing her graduation as a top ranker, Silviya gets admission in a Business School at Bangalore. The indifference of her room-mate, the tortures of ragging and absence of her grandma and her best friend Veer, initially makes her feel lonely in the hostel. But as soon as she makes her own circle of friends with Manav, Emily, Charu, Tushar and Mehul, she starts enjoying her newly gained freedom and her hostel life, too. Silviya’s impeccable beauty and wisdom makes her the most wanting girl in the campus. Several guys and her friend Tushar, the most flirt guy of their batch, try their luck on her. But the only guy that attracts her is Manav, the most handsome, sober and sincere guy of her batch. Along with other guys, who like Silviya, the other person who felt most envious to this newly developed relationship is Emily, Manav’s childhood friend and now his class-mate, too. Within a span of one year Silviya’s friendship with her new friends grew considerably and her attraction for Manav turns into love relationship. Silviya’s nightmares continue to chase her. She feels very strange when during a trip with her friends she watches with terror a cloaked creature crawling over the floor; a snake it is. The snake seems to talk to her, saying her ‘know who you are.’ The fun with friends, mischief in hostel, flirting, revenging room-mate in a funny way and then the confused days of exams all make it the most happening year of her life. She repents only when she gets no rank in her class, her heart pains remembering how the strict discipline of her grandma always helped her to score the highest.
After completion of the first year of their MBA instead of going for summer internship the friends plan to visit USA for which Emily whose uncle’s family is residing in North America persuaded all. The idea to visit her second motherland thrills Silviya down to her spine.
Emily’s cousin Doli, a girl of nineteen years with light brown hairs comes to pick them up at Airport. It seems that Silviya’s destiny wants to take her to the place where she should be. The friendly ways of Doli makes Mehul develop a liking for her. The tourist group enjoys watching the new country, new places until they reach ‘North American Ethnographic Collection - Museum of Anthropology.’ The visit to this museum changes Silviya’s life abruptly, when she encounters stunning facts. There she notices the same kind of eagle shaped antique pendent, which she has been wearing since her birth. Her grandma told her that it belonged to her father’s clan. Enquiring about that pendent the museum authorities tells her that somewhere in North America there exists a hidden tribe Falcon, and this pendent belongs to them. It was a great finding of an Indian anthropologist Trisha Singh and his colleague Dev Rathore, who died in the course of searching for that Falcon tribe.
‘Do I belong to Falcon’s?’ that question keeps buzzing in Silviya’s mind like a hammer and forces her to leave back for India. Along with Manav, she comes back to her home. Her grandma and her friend Veer find her behaviour a little changed. Relating her dreams to this incidence Silviya asks Veer for any clue. Veer takes Manav and Silviya to a lady sorceress, who tells Silviya a lot about her past and coming uncertain future too. This makes Silviya realise her supernatural powers and extraordinary capabilities, which she has taken till today for granted. The old sorceress makes her aware of the power of ‘Trinity’ in her, as she is blended of three races that is the human, the hawks and the snakes. She makes her aware of ‘Debt of her Birth’, which could claim her life even. The fact that Lord Camarin, who is worshiped in her tribe, have chosen her to accomplish a great purpose makes her feel strange and gives her a mixed feeling of pride and little bit of fear and insecurity. 
Now grandma is no more in a position to play hide and seek with her. Trisha believes it's better for Silviya to grow humble and totally unaware of her duties and her fame among her tribe. But now that the cat is out of the beg, diving in her past, Trisha tells her about how she discovered the Falcon tribe along with her friend Dev, after a long, tiring and a very dangerous journey. Once they have discovered a cadaver belonging to the Falcon’s tribe, whose age while dying was estimated around 300 years, makes her interested in that tribe. Her friend Dev dies in the hand of Nagas’, the enemy tribe of Falcons’ but the prince Raymond takes Trisha with her safely to Falcons castle. After recuperation from tiredness, Trisha gets confronted with an entire new culture and new place called Bangolarrea. There the prince Raymond proves the most helpful to her, yet he does not divulge to tell her the mystery behind such a long life. Yet both of them never confess their liking for each other but certainly a romantic chemistry exists between them, which comes as an emotional havoc when Trisha decides to leave Bangolarrea. Finally their hidden feelings for each other turn their relationship into the relation of husband and wife. Listening to her grandma’s love story Silviya could now assume how much painful it is for her grandma to live without her grandfather Raymond. Grandma Trisha then tells them how their God’s Camarin emissary Javed blessed her with the gift of long life, the gift which was brought to the people of Bangolarrea by a great warrior Andrej in ancient times. Then suddenly grandma’s face shines with a glow when she tells about beauty, bravery and mischief of her only son Cupid, and Silviya’s father. Trisha tells how Cupid fell in deep love with the most beautiful princess Fiona of their enemy Naga tribe and this appears to be the antecedent cause of the birth of Silviya and coincidental death of her parents.
The villain is king Python, an evil wizard too, who killed Silviya’s parents brutally when she was just born, and Trisha anyhow succeeded to escape India with her grand-daughter. Naga’s tyrant king wants to kill Silviya because of the forecast that ‘the power of Trinity’ that is Silviya will one day bring his tyrannical reign to an end. Knowing about her dark future Silviya embarks a journey to her destiny, which all opposed. Finally along with Veer, Manav, Emily and her grandma Silviya manages to reach Bangolarrea facing difficulties. There King Raymond along with his adopted prince Ralf welcomes them with open arms. Ralf, a very handsome young guy with six foot and two inches, muscular physique and his elegant royal ways attracts Silviya, and it creates a kind of confusion in her love life. Silviya along with her friends experiences an entirely new way of living, as they have been transported to medieval ages by any time machine, where people are totally unaware of modern ways.
The old tribal stories told by Raymond amaze Silviya and her friends to a great extent. Silviya finds her grand-father different in nature from her grandma. He is friendlier, outspoken and not shy about mentioning that Silviya’s birth meant to make sacrifices for her own people. Raymond tells them that initially there was only one Panahasi tribe in Bangolarrea and here people worshiped lord Camarin. Then one day the fate of Panahasi people changed when their lord Camarin was defeated by an evil power stronger than him. The result is that parents have to sacrifice their first new born children. If they ignore it they have to face calamity from that evil power. Only few special divine children are exempted and Silviya, Ralf are one of them. Then Raymond tells them about the biggest secret behind tribes how these Snakes, Hawks, Cat and Wolf tribes come into existence. The story of journey of Tom and Thom, the Panahasi princes to destroy the evil power and free the curse and their transformation into Snake and Falcon kings enthralls all.
Raymond clears them the reason behind division of Panahasi tribe, the rivalry among Falcons and Nagas and the great war fought among all tribes in past. Raymond explains to Silviya all the mysteries like the curse of snake which the Tom and Thom brothers bring to their tribe while they were crossing Death Valley, the starting of tyrant Nagas' reign. Trying to turn his heart into stone Raymond demands Silviya to bring the curse to an end, even knowing that this will be a death-defying effort. The forecast that only Silviya, the divine child with ‘Trinity Power’, can bring the end of Naga’s tyranny has brought her ‘Debt of Birth’.
Travelling in her tribe along with Ralf, Silviya comes to know how famous she is in her tribe, how her people are eyeing their princess to bring salvation to them. Till now Silviya has kept on comparing her modern life to tribal life but the love and respect she gains here mentally prepares her to fight for their cause, to fight to avenge her parents’ murder, to fight for paying her debt of birth. Ralf takes Silviya on riding to great snowy mountains, where the presence of a lonely cottage amazes Silviya. Silviya always found Ralf somewhat different. To know the secret of Ralf’s mysterious character is a high and abstracted ambition of Silviya. He seems very lively and active. His mysterious brown eyes let the viewer to know the seriousness of his thoughts and to her surprise he looks sometimes careless outwardly.
Silviya's gaze clawed over the mounds of rippling sinew he unintentionally presented and it makes her eyes hungry. A wealth of swirling, brown fur covered Ralf’s breastbone, left tapering to a thinner line before plunging like a trail of sexual torture through the center of his tempting six-pack abs, makes Silviya’s mouth water in need .
Surprisingly Silviya feels it is not safe to think about Ralf as he has enough qualities which could provide a girl enough imagination to fall in love with him as he looks like the masterpiece of masculinity.
Inside that lonely cottage Silviya meets a young guy Fillin and his wife, a middle aged man and a very old but friendly lady. Due to snowfall outside Ralf and Silviya spend their night with them, whereas in the castle Manav gets hyper over it. Silviya finds a kind of similarity among the cottage inmates and Ralf. The old woman shows her a fine wedding gown; she has safely kept for the girl who will become the wife of his other son-in-law. Meanwhile Silviya also comes to know that Ralf is in love with her, yet he didn’t express the sentiment of his love to her.
After some days Silviya along with all her friends rides towards the villages of the Falcon tribe. On their way she is abducted by some strange flying beasts sent by Python, and she bravely defeats the beasts. Reaching to a village Silviya feels overwhelmed by the love and respect given to her. Day by day Emily is getting more jealous of her. Bindy, an envoy of Nagas taking advantage of it becomes her friend. Emily’s envy for Silviya takes a worst form when she helps Bindy in Silviya’s abduction from the cottage in which they two are living during their trip to a tribal village.
Silviya, chained in a dark room opens her eyes in Naga’s castle. There the presence of the man whom she has seen thousands of time in her dreams amazes her. She comes to know that it is her unfortunate father Cupid, who anyhow survived and now living a life worse than the animals from the past twenty years. It is Cupid who has invaded into her dreams several times demanding her help, reminding her of her duties. Cupid tells Silviya about his love story with her mother Fiona. He tells how they met and fell in love, how Silviya was born and how the forecast ruined their life.
Silviya’s kidnap creates a tumult in Falcons’. Veer pledges to bring her back and Ralf and Manav follows Veer trying to save Silviya. Ralf waits for Veer on the bank of black river with his boats and Veer enters the Naga’s castle with the help of Chayton, a Falcon’s spy living among Nagas’. Fighting bravely till his last breath Veer successfully brings Silviya and Cupid on the bank of black river. Silviya’s best friend and best advisor Veer dies saving her life.
Falcon tribe along with Cat, Wolf and Panahasi tribes form a Deadly Alliance. The preparation of war on both side starts. Ralf himself takes charge of training Silviya for war. Meanwhile Silviya comes to know that Ralf originally belongs to Wolf tribe and the cottage family was his family. Ralf tells her the story behind their exile from Wolf tribe. He tells how both of them were born on the same day and Ralf was destined to be killed instead of her. The paining Ralf’s grand-mother on losing her husband and their place in their tribe sweeps Silviya of her feet emotionally. She pledges to bring back their honour too. Silviya pardons Emily for her ghastly act, which changes Emily’s heart and now Emily too helps her with full heart.
Soon the war is proclaimed. The Naga’s mighty army on the one side and Deadly Alliance on the other clashed fiercely. Askkok as Naga’s commander and Bidzil as Falcon’s put full efforts for winning the war. Fillin, Ralf’s brother dies fighting very bravely. Initially Falcon’s side is heavy but with his evil magical powers Python turns the scene. This war is a very unique war with all the tribes and their worshipped iconic animals fight beside them. Raymond orders his army for ‘Retreat’ and Deadly Alliance army flew to Falcon’s castle in great despair. Ralf along with Silviya takes shelter in a hidden cave. The arrow which has hit her causes her fall unconscious for some time. But her pride is hurting more than her limbs. Ralf and Silviya are lucky to get into the cave which belongs to Andrej, the old warrior who has brought the gift of long life to Panahasi tribe. This secret cave amazes both Ralf and Silviya. Ralf tells her about the legend of Andrej and his deadly sword, the bearer of which could never be defeated. The cave brings back Silviya’s faith in herself and the forecast that she can bring victory to her tribe. The sword of Andrej which Andrej himself might be trying to give as a gift to Silviya, brings final victory to her, when she finally reaches to tensed war place outside Falcon’s castle. Things that can't be explained happen in war, like Python show of his evil magical powers, Silviya’s transformation in her real Trinity form and then her momentary death, which takes her into the other world. Deadly Alliance won the war but Silviya is losing her breath because she too has got injured. All feel the ‘debt of her birth’ has snatched her from them.
After a few days when she gains her consciousness, a new fangled dilemma shrouds her, when Raymond tells her about the full forecast. It will be Silviya’s kid with combination of any other powerful blood who will bring salvation to the curse of sacrifice infants.
Silviya’s heart bleeds thinking of losing her love Manav. The dilemma sucks her deep but she remains calm outwardly. Ralf hesitatingly proposes her for marriage, which she accepts, keeping her people’s benefit in her mind. First ‘debt of her birth’ claimed her parents, then peace of her life, now her love and dreams too. Rejected by Silviya, Manav along with Emily leaves for India, which turns Silviya into an insane like condition for many days.
Ralf and Silviya’s marriage takes place with great pomp and show, the marriage signifies not only union of two souls rather reunion of all tribes. As each day passes, the memory of Silviya’s past life of India is blurred. But somebody has said truly that fragrance of first love can be collected in a bottle but can’t be destroyed. This way among a lot of cheers and delight Silviya’s marriage takes place.
Since this marriage is arranged for some specific purpose so it is not the end of their journey rather it is a beginning.


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