Rendezvous With Best Selling Author Arpit Dugar

Arpit Dugar is born and brought up in Jaipur. He has done Masters in Public Administration, PGDRM and B.Tech in Electronics & Communication.
Right from his childhood he has been brought up in a very alluring and captivating environment. He has a true spirit to work, though a small job but Arpit has a habit of developing an unusual interest in it.

Arpit has been regular in writing articles on youth awakening for The Times of India. He is also a prolific innovator and a very dynamic leader. He has interest in visual coaching and developing a puissant student’s activity club at national level. He is founder of the Resource Development Club, DIT Doon and was also the President of The Institution of Engineers (India), DIT Chapter.
Besides his novel Nothing For You My Dear he has also written many articles for his own diary and college magazines

Congratulations for becoming National Bestseller author.

What motivates you to write this particular story?
The incidences that happened with me inspired me to write as they were never believed by people when told verbally, they were so weird and surprising.

 How much of Avinash is Arpit?
Ahaaan… well, Avinash is much a reflection of what Arpit is.

How is the experience of interacting with the readers? Any unique experience to share…
Readers have always been dear and lovely. The messages, mails and phone calls that I receive, all carry unique gestures which are absolutely overwhelming.
One day while travelling from Jaipur to Mumbai, I found a girl reading my book sitting at the lower berth of the compartment. I asked her about the book and she replied, “I wish the protagonist of this story to come in my life. I am in so much love with the character and the author as well. Just feel like meeting him once”. I felt awkward to disclose my identity then, which to be true I wanted to. I smiled and returned back to my seat. Today that reader is one of my good friends.

How long did it take you to complete writing the book?
My first work, “Nothing For You My Dear” took me almost nine months in completion.

Would you like to offer any advice to aspiring authors?
Write more and think less when you begin writing and think more and write less when you are finishing your script.

What changes do you want to bring about in the present society?
A very subjective question to be answered, but to be précised almost everything. On the top, the restriction to the freedom of thinking.

What is the message you want to convey through your book?
Busy is a person who has time for everything.

Do you have anything to say about the support you got from your family and friends while writing the book?
They never knew I could write something readable until my book was in their hands, post-launch support was tremendous.

Any particular book which has influenced your life…What kind of books you like to read?’
I like reading non-fictions most of the times and fictions during my leisure times. Discovery of India, Animal Farm, The Forgotten hero, Life of Pi, The Serious Men, Wings   of Fire, Its not about the Bike, Deception Point, I am a voice without a form, etc are amongst the list of books which I like and had learnt from.

Could you tell us something about your future plans?  Have you started planning for your next book?
My next work is all set to release next year. It is based on Déjà vu concept, the title of the book is “Not Yet to be Disclosed”

Any message for Himani Vashishta’s Diary readers...
Himani is full of life, her diary would certainly be one step ahead. Stay connected with all her updates. She will keep bringing something or the other new for you.

Thank you Arpit for your time. Wish you all the best for your future works.

Author Himani Vashishta

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