A Journey Beyond Boundaries With Author Parikshit Rane!

Parikshit Rane was born on Friday, the 6th of February, 1981. He resides in Mumbai, India. He did his Master's in Management Studies specializing in Marketing and worked with Reliance Communications Ltd. Now, he immerses himself full time into writing fantasy fiction and poetry.

Two of his poems have been published in a book called Passion for Poetry Anthology 2008-2009. Its ISBN No. is 978-81-8322-165-8.

He is also a Reiki level 3A practitioner which helps him make a difference in peoples' lives. A daily dose of Meditation keeps ideas sprouting in his mind, aiding the creative process for writing poetry and prose.

Author of “The Ancient Book” and “Love Beyond Boundaries”.  Parikshit’s 3rd novella is ‘Gautam Roy and the Secret of the Rainbow Kingdom’. He is currently working on the second sequel of Gautam Roy.  

Here are some excerpts from an interview Author Parikshit Rane gave to Himani Vashishta.

Congratulations on the release of your new novel “Love Beyond Boundaries”. What kind of initial response you are receiving?
A writer is nothing without his readers. I am happy that I am getting positive feedback from the readers in my email. It is feedback that helps the author improve his writing and I am very grateful to all the readers who poured their hearts out.  

Tell me your thought behind this particular book?
  As a writer, I always keep my eyes wide open. You never know from where the next idea would germinate and take form. I was amazed myself about how this book got written. I have a Vision Board in my room where I have pasted a picture of an Audi Q7. Just observing this picture, thoughts of writing a book started entering my consciousness; the result “Love Beyond Boundaries”

How much of Raj Patel is Parikshit Rane?
There is a lot of Raj Patel in Parikshit Rane. But, I would rather not reveal and keep Parikshit a mystery to unravel.

Tell me something more about your book “Love Beyond Boundaries”.
Love beyond boundaries is a tale of Raj Patel; a former Formula One driver who embarks on a journey to Sao Paulo, Brazil to attend an art exhibition. Tudor, his agent assists in buying a painting called ‘Soulmates’ which is filled with reiki energy by its painter, Master Keitaro.   Little does Raj know that a pleasure trip to the Amazon to meet Peolona, the leader of the Lynca tribe would alter the course of his life. The Shaman; an old lady of the tribe gifts him an amulet to bring him closer to his true love and a magic wand for his protection.

    While returning from the Amazon, Raj’s helicopter encounters a black hole. He finds himself in a parallel universe; a planet called Zorb, in a country called Lambada, where there are talking trees and midgets. The love of his life; Ramilia holds him in her lap. She narrates to him about the entire planet barring Lambada being under the spell of the evil Snow Queen. He vows to help her and then begins a quest to save Lambada. Earth bears the brunt of this attack. They save both planets in the nick of time; living a peaceful existence.

As you have a keen interest in Reiki, I am curious to know how you came through it and how does it matches to your writing field?
  Reiki is Universal life force energy. It brings us closer to our life’s purpose. Had I not known Reiki, I wouldn’t be a Writer in the first place. Reiki has helped me by clearing away my past and brought me to a better future; a future I look forward to every second of my existence.

Did you have a target readership in mind while writing this book?
  Many Love Stories have been written till now but not many in the field of fantasy fiction. Those who like this genre will love my book. Once you step into the world of Raj Patel; you are in for a fantastic journey into many enchanting lands.

How do you rate your experience with your publisher?
I am grateful to my publishers; Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd. The experience has been very good. 

Who are all the persons who you think have contributed to the book directly or indirectly?
 Dr. Manohar V.N.Shirodkar, M.B.B.S; Sc D (John Hopkins); my mentor. Mrs. Anjali Sengupta; my Reiki Master (Teacher) and the support of my parents Ramesh and Swatee Rane has been pivotal in my writing life. 

Who are your favourite authors? What kind of books you read?
W Somerset Maugham, Paulo Coelho, Richard Bach, J.K.Rowling, J.R.R.Tolkien to name a few. You will find a lot of Fantasy Fiction, Romance and Self help literature in my collection but I try and read books from all genres.

Are you a full time writer?
Yes. I am a full time writer.

Kindly throw some light on your debut ‘“The Ancient Book”.
    The Ancient Book is a fantasy fiction novella that transports the reader into a magical world of Angdom and the gruesome colony of Satan called Lyncastia that is increasing at an alarming rate. A Magical Dark Cloud prepared by Queen Witch Gilda hovers over all the captured territories and has the ability to shower acid rain or fire from the Clouds. Gilda controls the clouds from the confines of Satan’s Castle through a magical mirror. Satan’s castle is encircled by Magical thorns that are growing wider and wider...
    King Zius, the King of Angdom and the World is the protector of the Ancient Book, a tome that has all the answers to protect the Earth. When fallen in wrong hands, hell breaks loose. The Universe works in mysterious ways helping him restore it back from the evil Satan. King Zius’s daughter, Sara plays a major role in this war to bring normalcy on Earth. The Aliens too help King Zius due to their deep-rooted connection with him. A new era beckons…

Tell me something about your upcoming book “Gautam Roy and the Secret of the Rainbow Kingdom”.
  Gautam Roy and the Secret of the Rainbow Kingdom is a story of a seven year old child living in a secluded Himalayan range in Kashmir. He is born to parents who are Wizards. At seven, he is sent to a school called Tandavputra International School of Wizardry where he meets students from all over the world. This book is about how he adopts to School life living in the magical world of Tandavputra which is protected by Mosquitors; a breed that gains strength and survives on Rainbow Rays and protects the School and the Tandavputra region from vampires and the challenges he faces in saving this race of Mosquitors from extinction.

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Thank you Parikshit for your time. Wish you all the best for your future works.


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