Truly Romantic

An excerpt from my novel 'Princess Of


Manav in complete romantic mood whispered in her ears. “I love you, not for

what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.” His voice is like falling snow.

She squinted through her long lashes and a dimple cut on her face, making

her blush. She watched with melted eyes as he waved forward, her heart was

thumping unevenly against her chest. Closing her eyes she felt the velvety touch

of Manav on her face — proving that some of the greater things in life are unseen

that’s why people close their eyes when kiss, cry, or dream...

They sat under a tree. Dim Moonlight was falling on them; it appeared as it

was falling on them after purifying from leaves. In that blessed night he took his

guitar and started singing the poem which he wrote exclusively for her.


You are so sweet

You make my life bright

Your eyes so gleaming,

Your lips are so moist

Your Cheeks are so rosy

Like sight of a brilliant rainbow,

Your voice a gentle breeze in my ear your Blue eyes, Full of life,

Full of love!

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