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Anuj Tiwari works with a prominent IT company. He lives in Mumbai and works with NGO’s over the weekends. “I have tasted the water of many fountains,” He avows. “Some were sweet, and some sour.” JOURNEY OF TWO HEARTS! –will be cherished forever is his debut novel.
Anuj Tiwari is a motivational speaker as well after learning from life now, he delivers the voice from heart very easily and simply to the youth. He is awarded as the youngest youth icon with his very simple and effective thoughts.
 He says, “Don’t scale your perfection in the middle; sometimes your last card decides the winner.” He is one of the youngest authors and motivational speakers. He visits colleges, universities, and talk to youth as he believes, “One day we all have to sleep forever, so let’s work till the day we breathe.” His motivational quotes are appreciated by many great people. He can be contacted, ,

Writing style: Anuj's writing style reflects the easy conversational tones of contemporary youth. His narrative style of writing is really appreciated and anybody can read his book. As he says, “I write to make you feel. I write the things which are very normal in daily life and we actually ignore but that actually creates the beauty in my writing and makes me different from other authors.”
Here are some excerpts from an interview Author Anuj Tiwari gave to Himani Vashishta.

Congratulations on the release of your debut novel “JOURNEY OF TWO HEARTS!.

What kind of initial response you are receiving?

5.5K copies sold out in a month. Book is on the bestseller chart of homeshop18 and going unexpectedly good at the offline stores as well though I never dreamt about it as I only wrote for someone, now book is in all hand, so that makes me happy.

Tell us about yourself? 

It’s human nature when we all were kids, we all wanted to do something different, I was not untouched with that reality, I also wanted to do something different from crowd but what to do, that was a big question. When I was a kid, I used to say my mom that I want to do something different and every time my mom slapped me and then again, I was back to my studies.
When I left my home for engineering then I had enough time to think about my future and life, years passed by but I had the same thought to do something different but how and what to do, still a big question. The spark, which was bumping in my childhood days, was about to collapse as it couldn’t find any way to make me happy and I started dreaming for a good job and a respective salary after completing my engineering as my family always dreamt for that.
Somehow, the hot blood of young age showed its magic and I fell in love with Pakhi. How things change after meeting a girl, I was the best example. Life started moving very fast.
I never thought to be an author; I just started writing our moments in my laptop with one wish to gift her all moments together after getting married. Life has two sides, good and bad, so when I lived in the heaven, I had to face the bad one as well and it happened with me. I went through depression for few months and I gave it the shape of novel in the hospital. But problems were not the end of life, death was still far away from me. But I knew one thing, ‘After crossing the ocean of tears, I will definitely find the way of happiness’ and So journey was not quite easy, every bad thing happened at every new day and now book is in front of you.

How tough the publishing industry is for new comers? Is it tough? Are you rejected by some publishers?

I take everything in a positive, might be this is the reason I am still alive. Nothing is easy but nothing is impossible as well, so for any new thing, there is always learning, same is the publishing industry. It’s not about tough or easy but it’s all about how much patience you have. Two years back I had options to publish but publishing the book or publishing with reputed publishing makes difference. Every day I come to know about a new book in the market from xyz publisher. Indian publishing is changing rapidly as we can see the difference between quality and quantity in books. In these days, people consider themselves author and after that they start writing but as per my point, an author is a person who experience the things without any expectations to be an author and when he writes then the true feelings come in the book and people like it.
In my scenario, writing a book didn’t mean that I was an author, still I had to get it published with a good publishing house and that was itself a long journey. Everybody salutes the rising sun; it’s not easy to get a good publisher for new writer. I submitted my MS to almost every publisher. Many rejected, few accepted, and those who accepted asked money to publish my book <the worst experience>, again I worked for few months on my manuscript, submitted it again to few good, and reputed ones. And after few months I got the acceptance from the reputed publishing house Srishti Publishers and after an year on 5th September 2012 book released across the country now it’s sold more than 5.5k copies.

Tell something about your book?

Nothing happened all of sudden, it started happening when the day I heard her alto. Writing a book was only a personal gift for Pakhi but later on, it became a message in search of her.
My book is a mirror of every youth and for those who fell in love in their life.
Loving someone is not tough but the real courage is to forget your loving one.
I just listened to my heart, wrote on the paper and now book is in your hand. I believe my lines, which come from heart and touché to hearts, connect to every reader. I write to make you feel. I write the things, which are very normal in life, and we actually ignore but those actually create the beauty in my writing and make me different from other authors.
Only one who taught me to feel the things was/is Pakhi, so I’d say she was/is the one who made me to put my feelings in the form of writing. Readers love my writing and I’d continue with that only.

You are working with IT company, work with NGO’s over the weekends, a motivational speaker and your first novel is just published. How do you manage to write from your busy schedule?

Thanks for asking this question, my best question ever. Being a selfish person if I answer this question then I work with NGOs because children are my best teacher. I talk to them, I play with them and they love me then nothing remains to explain that deep happiness.
There is always a clever logic behind every task, if a 80 years old person speaks about 18+ years youth might be youth don’t listen but when a guy from their age group comes and talk to them and that connects to them, then they listen. Apart from this, working with IT firm and writing are not easy but where I work from 9am to 6pm for my responsibilities and after that, from 6pm to 9am my passion doesn’t allow me to sit idle, so both go together with my life and I live happily.

Who are your favorite authors? What kind of books you read?

The big question for me, it seems very awkward when an author says, “I haven’t read even a single book in my life except school and college books.” However, it’s true, I have so many books in my bookrack but when I start I sleep. Therefore, it’s better to accept the truth not to pretend that I’m not good reader. But my favorite author is J.R.R Tolkien who wrote Lord of the rings, just because of his dedication for his work.

This is your first novel? What is your expectation with the book and are you ready for facing critical review of your book?

My reader is only one, for whom I wrote it that is only the expectation. This book I didn’t write as an author, I wrote as a guy who left almost all hopes of life. Might be as an author I could write better or worst but there is no regrets. As I answered in above answers I wrote to make you feel the reality, for learning English and literature, Shakespeare has written many things.

How excited are you after all it your first novel?

Nervous is the correct word that makes me more nervous when I look at my book. The guy who never thought about any book, left, right and center…NOTHING, but now a book.

Who was the first to read your book? What was the first reaction?

My dad read the book sitting next to mom. My mom dropped tears when she read the starting pages and then my dad continued. My parents were aware about the things, which happened with me but in book the core truth, which I can’t tell in front of them. There are many scenes in the book, which are very romantic when my mom read the book; she asked me one question, ‘What I’d tell to everyone?’

How do you rate your experience with your publisher?

We should not rate learning J Yes experience is great.

Future literary plans?

Not decided yet.

Any message for Himani Vashishta’s Diary readers...

Indian writing industry is the vast industry in the world, maintain it’s beauty.

Thank you Anuj for your time. Wish you all the best for your future works.

Author Himani Vashishta

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