A romantic excerpt from the book ‘Princess Of Falcons’

This night Silviya’s destiny decided something else for her. As this was that great night in which she gave her tacit permission to her lover.

Manav in complete romantic mood whispered in her ears. “I love you, not for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.” His voice is like falling snow.
She squinted through her long lashes and a dimple cut on her face, making her blush. She watched with melted eyes as he waved forward, her heart was thumping unevenly against her chest. Closing her eyes she felt the velvety touch
of Manav on her face — proving that some of the greater things in life are unseen that’s why people close their eyes when kiss, cry, or dream...
They sat under a tree. Dim Moonlight was falling on them; it appeared as it was falling on them after purifying from leaves. In that blessed night he took his guitar and started singing the poem which he wrote exclusively for her.

You are so sweet
You make my life bright
Your eyes so gleaming,
Your lips are so moist
Your Cheeks are so rosy
Like sight of a brilliant rainbow,
Your voice a gentle breeze in my ear your Blue eyes, Full of life,
Full of love
Like stars twinkling in the sky
When I look into your beautiful blue eyes
I can see
They speak of a thousand things
Your radiance lends warmth
To the sun, at high noon
You are beautiful-
Like a portrait, framed in gold
In comparison to you
Even fire seems cold.”

Now Manav was silent for two heartbeats, looking at her crazily.
“Mam, you have stolen my heart
You are the dream which I wish to see every night.
I will wait for you till the end of life
Mam Would you like to be my wife.”

A smile came to her face with serenity and grace. But she said not a word. She looked at him with surprise, but he could see in her eyes, a tacit consent for making love. In those passionate hours he held her hand and said, “You know spaces between your fingers were created so that I could fill them in. Never leave me my angel!”
He held his breath and kissed her hand. He could feel the softness of her silk dress and her silky skin, could smell her soft hairs, could see her blushing and her cheeks became red now.
In that loving moment he took her hand and kissed her cheek, held her face and kissed her lips.
Their passions flowed like summer rain in that perfect night. The love between the perfect couple fulfilled as they kissed again and went back with a river of great love flowing in their hearts. The love period passed all too quickly and they lost some of the shyness and hesitation of the days.

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