Garden Of Love (A Bouquet Of Poetry)

GARDEN OF LOVE is a small collection of nine romantic poetry, written with love and
passion. It will make you remember your own love story and you will fall in love again
with love and the idea of falling in love. Some of the poems have been taken from
Himani’s book ‘Princess Of Falcons’.
The book portrays the inner-most feelings of the poetess. She expresses her love for
people by dedicating poems in their honour. Indeed, the theme of ‘love’ itself is an
interesting topic, in simple and eloquent style. Himani has truly pen down her emotions
in an outstanding way.

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Poems Included- 

1. Dreaming Of You

2. Good Friday

3. The Last Embrace

4. Angelic Beauty

5. Attraction

6. True Love

7. Portrait Framed In Gold

8. I Am Not Yours

9. Unconditional Love

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