An Untold Tie

An excerpt from my novel 'Princess Of  


There was long uncomfortable pause between the two.
Breaking the pause by her compassionate voice Silviya said, holding his hand firmly, “We have a close tie of common fate since our birth. Now your fight is not only yours, I am always with you in every step.”
“I know,” he claimed, it sounded like her sincere words had affected him. As Ralf smiled; pleased by her response.
In this moment, it felt as though they were the same person. Ralf’s pain had always been and would always be her pain — now his worries were her worry. She felt joy too; having such an incredible friend and yet her happiness was somehow also pain. For one brief, never ending second, an entirely different path expanded behind the lids of her tear-wet eyes. As if she was looking through the filter of Ralf’s thoughts.
Ralf cupped her face. She closed her eyes and he was staring at her with wonder and elation. His warm lips were on her forehead now. It touched against her skin like velvet, a kiss out of affection with no smell of lust.
His hands were soft on her face and his warm lips were gentle, unexpectedly hesitant. It was brief but very, very sweet kiss.
His arms curled around Silviya, and he hugged her waveringly while he whispered in her ear, “Thanks for being my friend.”

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